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In the finalisation of booking the client warrants and accepts that he / she has read, understood and accept the following terms and conditions:
The Professional Cleaning Co Terms and Conditions
A. Cleaning Services
1.  Whilst The Professional Cleaning Co make use of modern and fit for purpose professional equipment in conjunction with high quality ranges of chemicals and suitably qualified staff in the cleaning of your carpets and fabrics, it is, however, not possible to guarantee the complete removal of certain stains, dyes nor odours due to the nature of their chemical composition or time lapse since soiling.
These, include but are not limited to:
Coffee, food colouring, urine, red wine, certain fruit juices, cool drink, milk, paint, oil / grease based products, nail polish and rust.
2. The customer agrees whilst The Professional Cleaning Co will take every care necessary in the cleaning of your carpets or fabrics we accept no liability whatsoever nor provide any form of guarantee on the following (but not limited to) common anomalies that may occur as a result of professional cleaning through either a pre-existing condition or as a direct result of the work undertaken whether deemed negligent or not.
a. Unattached soils (that which is usually tracked into carpets via foot traffic or upholstery through day to day use) will, over time, cause damage to the fibres through pitting and scratching that will change the colour, texture and appearance. Over an extended period these soils may also produce a cutting action that will remove fibres and substantially shorten the life of the carpet or upholstery. Where such damage has occurred this often appears as a dull or discoloured area or may cause them to appear even more soiled than they may be. Regrettably no amount of professional cleaning will be able to repair such damage once occurred, however, regular daily vacuuming in addition to annual (or bi-annual for traffic areas) professional cleaning will assist in protecting and extending the life of these areas.
b. Water stains usually occur where sufficient water is introduced (through spills, burst / leaking pipes, open windows or doors during rain or even through over wetting by do-it-yourself carpet cleaners) into a carpet or upholstery to wet out the backing yarns. This, followed by slow drying, allows dye-like materials in the backing to dissolve and wick to the face of the carpet / upholstery often appearing as a brown discolouration commonly referred to as a water stain. Gradual and uniform soiling on the face of the yarns may cause the stain to go unnoticed until the carpet / upholstery is thoroughly cleaned when the stain becomes quite apparent. After a water stain has developed it may be impossible to remove even with the use of professional carpet cleaning equipment.
c. Shrinkage occurs where moisture introduced (either through spills, humidity or professional carpet cleaning) to the carpet fibres or fabric causes them to relax from the tension and stretching created in the weaving process. The extent of shrinkage is dependent on the construction, density and quality of the fibres used in the backing. Most shrinkage occurs in the first wetting / cleaning process and can range from the average 2% to as much as 10% dependant on the carpet or fabric and may cause a dimensional change.
d. Odour removal is dependent on what caused them and the conditions under which they can be treated. Odours are most commonly caused by spills that are either a direct consequence or from the bacteria which is causing the decay within it. Dependent on the degree of penetration into the fibres most of these can be completely removed the deeper it penetrates the more difficult is to remove and in some cases impossible.
The Professional Cleaning Co offer a limited guarantee where a reappearance of marks on the carpets and fabrics within 48 HRS of our cleaning service, at no cost to you. Any re-soiling after this period may be the result of deep seated soiling of the carpet fibre or upholstery foam rubber, should additional cleaning treatment be requested, this may be charged for. This guarantee will not apply to heavily soiled carpets or upholstery’s.
B. Valuables
1. The Professional Cleaning Co requires that all items of value (including jewellery and money), such as ornaments, delicate
furniture, lamps and other breakables are removed from the areas to be cleaned. Whilst every care will be taken, The Professional Cleaning Co and its staff accept neither liability nor responsibility for any loss or damage, whether negligent or otherwise, for any loss or damaged caused during the cleaning process or whilst on the client’s premises.
2. The Client accepts full responsibility to ensure all jewellery, valuables, electronic equipment has been removed prior to the start of any cleaning services and that no claims whatsoever will be entertained or considered by The Professional Cleaning Co should such arise regardless of negligence or any other causal factors by either The Professional Cleaning Co or its staff.
3. The Client further accepts the onus of insuring such property, valuables, furniture and carpeting is their direct responsibility prior to cleaning services and any such claims arising, through negligence or any other cause, is not the responsibility of Carpet Cleaning Services or their staff.
C. Pre Cleaning Preparation
1. The Professional Cleaning Co requires that all loose items be picked up off the carpet areas to be cleaned.
2. The Professional Cleaning Co reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amounts where excessive items have not
been removed prior to arrival and causes delays to the cleaning process.
3. Valuable, heavy or semi-permanent items, such as pianos, wall units, TV and Hi-Fi Stands, and side boards, book cases, filing
cabinets, pot plants and wardrobes will not be removed by our staff.
4. Where practical, The Professional Cleaning Co will replace moved items to their original position, however, certain items require
that they are not placed on carpets or fabrics during the drying process and therefore the onus is on the client to replace these.
5. Pets and other animals are required to be secured prior to The Professional Cleaning Co staff entering the premises and the client
accepts full liability and responsibility for any injury caused to cleaning staff.
6. Business and Home owners are required to inform their staff or maid of our appointment and, where necessary, to advise their
security. Any excessive delays to the appointment time caused through non access or non-vacation of areas to be cleaned may be subject to a surcharge at The Professional Cleaning Co discretion.
D. Payment Terms
1. All work is undertaken strictly on Payment on Completion basis or where. By prior arrangement, an EFT payment on a strictly 24
hours basis. After this 24 hour time frame client will incur a late payment charge of £75.
2. The Professional Cleaning Co reserves the right to pursue legal action in addition to the application of a surcharge or to recover any
and all costs associated to the collection costs on unpaid invoices.
either non-payment or slow payment of any unpaid invoices. The removal of such will be subject to payment in full and any associated costs will be for the clients account.
E. General Disclaimer
The Professional Cleaning Co and its staff are hereby indemnified from any losses, damage or injury personal or otherwise caused through negligence or any other cause whilst undertaking cleaning operations at client’s premises. Any such work booked and undertaken falls within the protection of this indemnity.

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